Emma is a 30 year old client of mine. She’s been a chef for a few years, working long hours slouched over kitchen worktops, chopping and slicing, sampling this or that. Over the years her weight crept up, her left arm was weaker than her right, and she had a tad of a hunch posture.

Emma has been a regular at the gym, always running on treadmill and making sure to run a total of 10k every single week. For years, she’s been trying to lose weight … without any success.

When I approached her to offer a trial session, she said “why not?” Hiring a personal trainer had never crossed her mind.

Emma told me that the last time she was truly happy with her body and weight was when she was 18 years old. And if only she could lose 5kg before her 30th birthday in August…

I was able to help her.

You see like many people she believed that cardio training burns a lot of calories and will make her lose weight. Yes, running will make you burn calories but not fat!

The solution: resistance training!

Emma started doing 3 sessions a week, 2 of them with me, one on her own (I provided the programme).

Fast forward 5 months, Emma feels more energised, her posture has improved and her friends say she looks younger. Even her gym pants are loose and keep falling down when I ask her to do any running or jumping. BUT the number on the scale hadn’t moved.

That’s when I took a picture of her and asked her to send me an earlier photo. She had a hard time finding one. She confessed that she’s always felt fat and avoided the camera.

Finally Emma found a picture taken a couple of weeks before her training with me. I put them together and showed her the collage! She was blown away at the difference.

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“Toning” is not about shedding pounds. It’s about building lean muscle and losing fat.

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