“Plant-Based Performance: Separating Myths from the Science”

Tuesday 9th May, 18:30-19:30 BST

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Plant-based diets have gained popularity among athletes as they offer a range of health benefits and have a lower environmental impact than animal-based diets. However, there are several myths and misconceptions surrounding plant-based nutrition for athletic performance that can be confusing for athletes, coaches, and practitioners. In this webinar, we will separate myths from science and discuss the latest research on the ketogenic diet, plant protein, sports drinks, and BCAA supplements.

Learning Objectives


  • Understand the limitations and challenges with research in sports nutrition and how to interpret research findings in this field.
  • Gain an understanding of the ketogenic diet and its potential benefits and limitations for athletic performance.
  • Learn about the role of plant protein in muscle gains and how it compares to animal-based protein sources.
  • Gain an understanding of the efficacy of sports drinks and whether they are necessary for hydration and performance.
  • Learn about the effectiveness of BCAA supplements in athletic performance and muscle recovery.
  • Be able to separate myths from the science when it comes to plant-based nutrition for athletic performance.

Speaker – Dr Leila Dehghan

Dr Leila Dehghan is a nutritionist and former medical doctor with extensive expertise in plant-based nutrition for athletic performance. She holds an MSc in Nutrition from University College London and has a diploma in advanced personal training, with years of experience training and empowering clients to reach their fitness goals. As a martial artist, Leila incorporates her own understanding of plant-based diets into her training, and has seen the benefits firsthand. Leila is also an experienced educator who has given webinars and lectures on plant-based nutrition for athletes, and has written a chapter on the subject for a clinical handbook. With her practical approach to nutrition and fitness, Leila is a sought-after speaker who continues to influence the field of plant-based sports nutrition.

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