“Maximizing Workout Performance and Recovery: Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition on a Plant-Based Diet”

Wednesday 5th July, 18:30-19:15 BST

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Nutrition is a critical factor in athletic performance, with optimal fueling strategies playing a significant role in an athlete’s ability to excel. The right nutrients can enhance energy levels, sustain endurance, and support muscle recovery. In our upcoming webinar, we will explore the science and strategies behind adequate nutrition before, during, and after exercise. Join us to discover how you can optimize performance, minimize fatigue, and promote optimal recovery for continuous progress in your fitness journey.

Learning Objectives


  • Understand the importance of pre-workout nutrition on a plant-based diet and its impact on workout performance.
  • Gain knowledge of optimal macronutrient composition for pre-workout meals on a plant-based diet to enhance energy levels and endurance during workouts.
  • Learn about post-workout nutrition strategies specific to a plant-based diet to support muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, and enhance overall performance.
  • Explore key plant-based protein sources and their role in post-workout muscle repair and growth.
  • Acquire practical tips and strategies for meal planning and timing to maximize workout performance and recovery on a plant-based diet

Speaker – Dr Leila Dehghan

Dr Leila Dehghan is a nutritionist and former medical doctor with extensive expertise in plant-based nutrition for athletic performance. She holds an MSc in Nutrition from University College London and has a diploma in advanced personal training, with years of experience training and empowering clients to reach their fitness goals. As a martial artist, Leila incorporates her own understanding of plant-based diets into her training, and has seen the benefits firsthand. Leila is also an experienced educator who has given webinars and lectures on plant-based nutrition for athletes, and has written a chapter on the subject for a clinical handbook. With her practical approach to nutrition and fitness, Leila is a sought-after speaker who continues to influence the field of plant-based sports nutrition.

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