30th January, 2021: “Why Healthcare Professionals Should Care about Animal Rights” panel discussion at VegFest UK Online

14th November, 2020: “How to Eat for Optimal Health” panel discussion at VegFest UK Online

15th August, 2020: “Health & Wellbeing in the time of Corona” panel discussion at VegFest UK Summerfest Online 2020

30th July, 2020: “How to thrive as a vegan athlete” at VegFest Morocco Online 2020


27nd June, 2020: “Can you be a healthy vegan?” at Naturopathic Nutrition Association Conference 

5th March, 2020: “Tackling the Obesity Epidemic in the Community” at Lifestyle Medicine for Preventing and Treating Chronic Disease GP Event

1st February, 2020: “Plant-based nutrition for vegan athletes” at the Plant Powered Expo in Olympia London


27th October, 2019: “Living with Migraine – how a whole food plant-based diet changed my life” at VegFest London

5th October, 2019: “Panel: Health, Nutrition & Wellebing” at UK VOC – The Black History Month Edit

28th January, 2019: “Vegan Nutrtion Myths” at 50by2020 launch -Healthy Vegan? at UCL, London

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